October devlog

Hello guys ! Today I don’t feel like doing a lot of statistics, so instead I thought I could spend a few minutes explaining to you how we work exactly !

This month, A LOT of writing and self-proofreader has been done. Script for the common route is practically done (1/4 left on the final chapter), but there is still a long road to go. Basically, here is our workflow for writing :

1 Writing first draft > 2 Self-proofreading draft > 3 Draft send to proofreader > 4 Validation (or not) of proofreader suggestion > Repeat step 3 and 4 if there is huge correction (like a full scene for example) > 5 Final script validation > 6 Sending it to the translator > 6 Proofread by the english proofreader > 7 Validation (or not) of proofreader suggestion > > Repeat step 6 as many time as necessary > 8 Sprite and effect implementation > 9 Betatest > 10 Correction of the last errors > 11 Translation needs to be implemented again for each sentence which has even a comma changed.

As you can see, having two languages (the game is written in French) is very time consuming, but it is important for us that both french and english speakers can have the game at the same time. The problem is also the writing team can’t work simultaneously. I can write while the art is done, but the translator can’t start translation while the writing isn’t fully proofread. And since last summer I couldn't do the main writting in time, our proofreader/translator couldn't work on the game... 

Anyway, writting a story - especially when we work full time - takes time, but hopefully the game will worth the wait <3

PS : If  you missed our little Haloween cartoon, don't hesitate to take a look here ! Featuring MC, Lioren and Gertrude, but who is Gertrude ? ~

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From what I've seen already you guys have dedication and heart I'm like 99.9% sure your hard work will all pay off

This is so kind to say, thank you so much 

Only stating the facts as I see em keep the good work!

I know it will! 

You guys are so sweet, thanks for your support <3

That's great! Can't wait for the game, I'm sure it's worth the wait :)

Thank you for your kind words, it always lift my mood !