September devlog

Hello guys, unfortunately this summer was difficult for me (Ayael). I wanted to use my holiday free time to finish the common route but my grandfather got very sick and I ended up spending most of my time taking care of him. Then, getting back to work was extra hard because of all the Covid rules. This year definitely took a huge toll on my physical and mental health so please forgive me for being so slow while I recover from it.

In order to work faster, we are trying to recruit a new team member (must speak French) to help us.

Things are still progressing, hopefully we will be able to get the extended demo out soon (4 chapters, estimated reading time 3 hours).

Writting :

- Chapter 1 : Fully written, fully proofread (and it took forever to do it), coding and translation in process, 19 200 words, 20 choices including 3 important ones (and one with very heavy branching).

- Chapter 2 : First draft fully written (some new scenes were added) 14 000 words, 17 choices, mostly to shape the personality but one is very important plot wise + one possible ending.

- Chapter 3 : First draft fully written 15 500 words , 15 choices, including 4 very important ones.

- Chapter 4 : Work in process (30%) - 4 200 words, 2 choices including a big branching one.

The main work of July/August was to go through the first chapter with the French proofreader to see if the work flowed correctly. In the end we decided to add several scenes to let players get to know all the love interests better, and to move a big one later since it feels too intimate for the beginning. We also decided to add a 4th common chapter so we could take our time to give all 6 LIs and the main plot good introductions before branching started.

Other news :

- We have started to implement some of the new UI elements to the game (textbox for example).

- We are facing a weird bug where some character's names don't appear in the English version. We've spent hours on this nonsense and we still have no clue WHY this is happening with some names (but not all of them).

- All the LI have now their expression sheet, you can see them here

- We update the website with a few minor changes (colored LI sprite, new synopsis and a few minor bug corrections).

- We got two WIP for side characters : Myrianne and Lycia

Thank you all for your support and your patience, we may go slowly but we're still going !

Much love ♥

- Anoldor Team

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Thanks for the update! But remember to keep your own health in check! Lots of love!! <3

Thank you very much, much love on you too <3 <3 <3

I hope your mental and physical health recovers soon, this year has just been awful. Hopefully the next will be better. Also, oh no, those girls are gorgeous

Thank you very much, I hope too, we had enough for a decade. 

And I am glad you like Lycia and Myrianne 

Hey, Ayael. Hope your grandfather recovers soon! I always worry about my own grandmother (she practically raised me) and is in her 70's; yet, she is on the lawnmower 24/7. Take your time focusing on your physical and mental wellbeing. That's the most important ^_^ You guys have made a lot of progress. 

The side characters look so adorable <3

My grandfather is actually a really strong man, doctors wasn't sure he could even walk again and now after four month he just wander around like if nothing happens. He is not fully healed yet, but it's very encouraging. Thank you for your kind word and courage for your grandmother. Much love on you and thank you for being so understanding... 

My mother has cancer, so I know how much work/how draining it is emotionally to take care of someone who is so sick, please do take care of yourself.

Sounds like a lot got accomplished anyway!  And I love these side character designs, they're beautiful!

Yes, people don't realise how draining it is before you actually experience it... Courage for you and your mother. *Big hug*

And thank you, we still get some stuff done (fortunately I am not the only one on the team !) and we still hope to finish it for the end of the year.

Thank you for your support <3