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aight chiefs. this bout to slap. very excited to play. the eminence gonna make me act up




Interesting premise, nice drawing, and charming story. I hope it will be finished, it suck that you will be developing the game through out the pandemic. 


It sucks indeed ! But we are doing our best, and we are very glad to see our game interest you  <3


Just finished the demo and I'm absolutely enamored with it! Loved the art, the writing, the UI, music, everything! I can't wait to see what updates come next. Best of luck to you all! :D


Thanks!!! I am glad you like it <3

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Hello, your game seems interesting (from the pictures posted here, the art looks really great!) but will there really be only one female ro? No chance of having more?

(PS : Are the typos in "Your the best chosen one in the univers!!!" intentional?)


Hey, thanks for your comment, for now only Alienor is planned as GxG route, but there is many other great woman characters on the game, once we finish it, if the game is a sucess a romance with Myrianne or Lycia could be added. So maybe in a distant futur it's impossible, but for now it's impossible for the scope of the game :/

(Yes the text is written by a child so the typo is intentional)


Hey Guysss!!!!! Just played teh demo and wanted to say that the demo was awesome!!!! When are you planning to release the full game???


Hey ! Thank you for this kind word ! Developping the game takes a huge amount of time and we all work full time besides, but we really hope to release Edwyn route this year (and then a new route every year or every two year).


Great to know!!!! I just needed a rough estimate as to how much I needed to wait...😅 But this game seems worth waiting for!! Good luck :)


The art and menu transition are all smooth, but the fantasy lore and the case of somehow keep gaining The Eminence favor while I am barely stepping into the story keep me intrigued to follow this novel ;)


Thanks <3 I hope you will love him in the game too :p ! He will appears in the extended demo (common route) coming in 2021 !


The artstyle is amazing and the story is very promising :)


Thank you very much <3

So are all the routes out or it's just Edwyn's?

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Hello ! Edwyn isn't out yet but it's the first route we will release indeed ! Then we will try to release a new route per year (or two years if necessary). The order of release is not 100% sure, I thought about Elric > Alienor > Fen > Eminence > Lioren, but maybe we will make our community votes instead ^^ 

We know it's a long wait, but since are all working for free, in our free time on this, we can't rush ourselves and just enjoy our slow but real progress !


So we could wait up to 10-12 years for the full release of Anoldor? Maybe you could start a patreon page to help support the development to speed up progress?

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Hey, thanks for your concern! Tbh, I hope it won't be this long, but for the full progress I guess it would be around seven years (including this one). Maybe one day we will open a patreon, but it will be more to help us creating assets we are not able to do ourselves. Because, for speeding up the process would means quit our full time job to go at least half time. Which means - even if we limit to the core team only - 4000€ per month (ok 3200 if we accept to earn less money while still being able to live correctly)  + extra to still reward the other members (like proofreader). And even if we are very lucky to have a community supporting anoldor development, I don't think we are at this level at all. Also, we can't just "try to see" since, french administration is really a pain in the neck and I am struggling to get back the money donation from itchio because of legal issues. 

Maybe once several routes are release and we proove the quality of our work and commitment, this will become possible and thus will speed up the release of the other routes ! Who knows it would be wonderful since I personnaly would love to work part time or full time dev. We just have to be realistic especially in this time of chaos ! 

Can't wait for your next update! <3


True, I am late for this >.> I will try to do one for the end of the month SORRYYYY


Just finished playing the demo! I really liked all the different choices the player is given to make the character their own, especially the throne speech. I'll be honest, I only want to romance the villain XD


Ahah, I am glad you liked the choices! And no shame, the Eminence is badass :p


Hello, my wonderful developers! I just finished your current demo and I've gotta say that I'm incredibly impressed! There's so much to love even with the little bit of your dream and story that you've given us. I adored it all from start to finish. The music is wonderful and really seems to fit the tone of each scene, the scenes themselves are gorgeously drawn, the transitions are beautiful and flow incredibly well, the little sound effects make a world of difference, and the writing is phenomenal. You gave us a beautifully fleshed out world that I can't wait to explore and the characters we've seen so far are easy to attach to. I can't wait to see where this goes. (:


Thank you so much for this kind review, I feel so emotional right now... 


Hi! I'm in love with the story, it's beautiful and creative. That opening scene has to be the most gorgeous intro I've ever seen. The entire demo itself clearly demonstrates high attention to detail. I like all the little animations and the character's have... character. Haha. Even the MC, and usually I worry about novels that have a "build your MC's personality" kind of direction. I know some people prefer that, but I think it can be tricky to pull off and for me to personally enjoy it, but I think you've done well so far. 

As far as feedback, I think the only thing that really stood out to me was the changing of the soundtracks. It felt rather abrupt. I feel as though there are some intances where an abrupt change works, but most times I would reccommend fading the music out at least a few sentences before the next track begins. 

Great work! I can tell you devs put your all into this. Good luck, and I look forward to the extended demo as well as the full version! :)


Thank you very much for your kind words, it means a lot to us (especially coming from you **) we are glad to see our effort rewarded <3

I agree on the music, we will make it better on the next big update, it take us so long to understand how to have a better fade x) but I am happy you liked the MC ! It was important to us to make her badass on her own way ! 

Thanks again, we are doing our best to produce the game as fast as possible. 

Hello, developers! I just finished the demo. Here I want to help you a bit by answering your questions :3

- Overall thoughts?

Looks promising! The art definitely stands out. The demo only shows three characters excluding the MC, but they are all likable (Lioren barely spoke one sentence and I like him already, the same with Edwyn lol). I check other characters as well, and they seem interesting! I would love to say more but unfortunately the demo is too short. I will wait for the game!

- What do you think we could improve on the demo ? (Graphics, writing, gameplay, GUI etc.)

Overall looks good? But if you ask me... maybe the interface? It looks standard renpy. You devs can design it more, so it will look more unique! And the castle feels empty... so far it has only four people in the castle, maybe you can improve on the atmosphere of the game. Maybe describing more on the environment, etc!

- What was your favorite part / your least favorite part?

My favorite part is the prologue opening, explaining the background lore using poem! And the art. What can I say, it looks neat. And the characters. Yes, because I like Lioren and Edwyn already lol

There is nothing I dislike, so I don't know what is my least favorite!

Also, I saw your Twitter and Website. You guys are active! Active developers are something I appreciate a lot. It gives a lot of reassurance :))

Have a nice day, devs!

Thank you very much for taking the time to give us your opinion, it's really important for us ! I am glad you liked it, and I agree it's a shame we don't meet all the LI so we are working hard on a new demo including the 4 commons chapters and so all LI's ! 

About the castle feeling empty, are you looking more about those shadows images for NPC or you were just talking about seeing more important characters ? Or maybe people being drawn in the background like on the market place background ?

Also, we agree it's a pretty standard UI for renpy, but it's also a very ergonomic one. I would love do something more original, but I don't have any ideas right now to make it stand out more and keep it easily readable for players ! If you knows games with incredible UI don't hesitate to share with us ! We love to learn from our senpai o/ 

And yeah, we are progressing slowly but everyday, so we like to share this improvment, thanks for your awesome support <3 (The april devlog is late tho, but it is coming soon XD)

I'm talking about the description of activities! It is the castle. Won't MC look around though? Seeing servants doing their duty, or seeing knights practicing, or anything. Take time to describe the surroundings I mean! It will let readers to feel like they're "there". You can add shadowy NPCs too. It's for an immersive playing.

Oh, Royal Alchemist is just released a while ago, so it is constantly in my mind! It has a gorgeous UI design, imo. It may not be the most unique, but it certainly looks neat and professional!

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Oh I loved royal alchemist so much (Aurelius <3<3<3<3)! It's true they have a beautiful UI but still pretty standart for renpy no ? (I mean except the stat rising part of course).

And I know about what you mean for the atmosphere it should be better with more content then ! ^^ Since the Chosen One barely stepped outside of her room it's normal she didn't assist to daily life scenes yet :p And even later, her presence will kinda disturbed the servants since they will be shy and fly when they see her but it will come in time <3

Aurelius yes Aurelius! X.X What an intense boy he is haha

Uh... I think I misled you there with my chosen term. Well, I couldn't find the term describing my ideas the most, so excuse me for my limited vocabulary in English XD Forget what I said about 'unique' then. What I meant is neater design?

Yes, yes ^^ Okay, you can find something that suits you more, developers!

No worries, we have a limited understanding on english too so communication is always more complicated, but in the end we manage to understand each other and that's the most important !

 There is some plan to redesign part of the UI such as the notifications, maybe it will make some difference in the end ? I don't think we can redo all the UI, but if you have specific things you didn't liked in the UI it could help us to know what we should improve in priority ? (Like the main menu ? The textbox ? The quickmenu in game? The choice menu in game ? The notification ? The credit page ? The encyclopaedia ? The saves/load page ? The preference settings ?) 

Thanks again for taking the time to give us your opinion anyway ! 

I am in love with the art in this game! It looks fantastic! So far I've thoroughly enjoyed the story and can't wait to see more.

The only critique I have is that it'd be nice to have the reactions to choices in a different location. I missed most of them and hadn't even realized they were there until the last few choices. :) Just my personal experience.

Hi ! We are glad you liked it, it really warms our heart everytime we have a nice review <3

Also, I agree with your feedback, as a matter of fact, we are experimenting several new display for the notification.  For example, it would be better if the name of the unlocked encyclopedia appeared too. I think we will move it to the left side of the screen near the textbox ! Hope it will be easier for you o/ 

Thanks again, have a beautiful day we hope you will like the game as much as the demo !


I can't wait to experience the full game! The art is lovely, and the animated prologue was gorgeous!  Besides, I really like the idea of giving the protagonist the power to shape the world of the game.

Thank you very much for your comment it always makes us so happy to see people liking our game ! Especially the genesis we put so much effort on it <3

And yeah, we like POWER, hope you will enjoy this aspect of the game because it's definitely one of the most important for us ! 

Have lovely day <3


Putting that kind of power in the player's hands is what makes your game unique to other VNs. That's why I'm sure the finished product will be marvellous!

Yeah, we think it's definitely one of our strong point ! We hope it will make every playthrough unique and fun ! Thanks again for your kind word again, it really helps us to stay motivated and work hard !


I'm really excited for this game; the personalization, choices, setting, etc. reeled me in <3 From start to finish, the world of "Anoldor" immersed me in its captivating experience and I can't wait for the finished product. Already got my eye on a particular love interest ;) Keep up the good work!

We are very glad to hear that ! And also curious, which love interest catch your eyes huhu ? 

Have a lovely day <3


I love this game, I know that it isn't complete yet, but I can tell that when this is finished it will be one of the best games out there. I can't wait to see how it turns out. Thanks for all of your hard work!

oooooooooooooooow thanks for your comment, we are really pleased <3

just played the demo and I'm pretty intrigued. Quite a short demo so don't have much to say other then the arts quite beautiful, the idea of being a ruler and having different options of how you rule is very interesting and the plot seems to be up my alley. Downsides for me is that it is quite slow, which is fine it just feels a little bit of a slog, but still very enjoyable and interesting, so all in all 8/10

Thank you for this comment ! We are glad you liked it, it's true it's quite slow, a lot of setting to take, and we focus a lot on MC qualms. Hopefully it will be more dynamic, when the PLOT happens and the MC is known enough so we don't have to focus this much on her thought ! 

Have a lovely day ! 

Great! Hope you have a good day to :)

Love the story & the graphics!

But even tho Renpy runs just fine on Wine; a Linux build would be appreciated!

Oh, it's true we didn't think about a linux built, but I think renpy allow it, so we will try to add it ! Thanks for bringing it to our attention <3

That's kind! TY!

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Hi again ! While I was struggling to upload a linux build (itchio doesn't seem to like the  extension), I noticed  a renpy statement "PC : windows and linux." 

Could you try to run the 1.7 PC build (the second one) to see if it works properly on linux ? I can't check myself >.< 

If so I will just add the linux icon to it so people can see they can use it directly on linux ! 

EDIT : I also managed to add the linux special, but I don't know which one is the best tho.

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Hey, again! After some studying, I found out that Renpy can properly but not natively support Linux on windows platforms. Renpy hasn't made an official native execution system for the ELF platform yet, neither do I think they will.

In simpler words, The Windows executable is just the same thing as the .sh file provided with both the Windows and the Linux builds. The difference is that the Linux build supports x64, x86, and x86-64 Linuxes while basic Windows exports only support i686 Linuxes. i686 executables can be run on nearly every x64, x86, and x86-64 Linux operating system. Judging from this fact, the Linux build is omitable, since the .sh file that comes with the Windows build is pretty flexible when it comes to portability.

In Even Simpler words, The Linux build is just a slight speed optimization for linuxes, and just a little bit more native, compared to the Windows executable.

During this study, I found out that running the .exe file with WINE was the wrong thing to do, and the proper ( And more obvious ) way to execute the Windows build on Linux was to run the .sh file provided alongside the .exe file.

Thanks for providing the builds, and I'm sorry for making You guys go through the trouble of making a Linux export.

Good Luck!

EDIT: Wow this is a long comment!

Don't worry, it was useful since we learn ! Thank you to take the trouble to look over this <3

This game looks really cool! I thought there wasn't a mac release and quickly deleted my last comment XD sorry it looks fun tho :D

Ahah no problem, glad you found it in the end that is the most important ! We hope you will enjoy it ! Don't hesitate to share your thought if you ever played it <3


The demo is really cool, there's so much work put on a free game, this is so wonderful to see handsome game like this.

The art is beautiful, I find the characters cute and I fricking love all how many choices we have <3

I'm looking forward to the full version !!!


Thank you so much for your support ! And if you like choices there will be even more in the chapter to come <3

Ooooh yeah !!!

The demo, while brief, whetted the appetite for more. The start was slow, but the story got going and just as I was eager to really get into it, just as my interest was piqued, the demo gives you a wink and says, 'patience'.

That being said the artwork was gorgeous and the controls were pretty standard as far as VNs go. That's not a put down, ease of access and controls is a plus when playing games that are story driven. The menu was also cute and I appreciated the gold theme.

Like I said previously the story has fantastical potential, if a slow start and maybe one or two spelling errors. But those don't deter from the reading much and I loved the little nods to games that let you know about characters approval ratings.

Ultimately I love the game and can't wait for more!

Thank you so much for your kind word, it's true the demo is short but we are really glad you liked it anyway ! We are now working on the update to DESTROY all this spelling mistakes, and to improve the the controls/accessibility. We hope you will like it... I can't say too much but it might also give... a little more content ~ 

Have a lovely day, and thank you again for your support, it's really precious to us. 


I can't wait to play this! Have you considered setting up a Patreon account so that you can get further funding and backing? I know that you have a buy me a coffee, and I think that with Patreon being more well-known, it could attract more people. Also having Patreon rewards/exclusives such as concept art, sneak peeks, snippets of script or scrapped scenes would help to get more funding so you do not have to pay so much out of pocket. <3


That's very thoughtful of you, we did consider the question, but it's too much pressure for us at the moment. We work in our free time, so even if so far we managed to keep a certain regularity we can't promise a released date, and we don't feel snippet are good enough as reward for someone giving us money every month. 

Tho we might consider it, once every important piece of art is ready and we can garantee full quality story content every month to the backer. 

Anyway, thank you so much for your kind words and advice, we truly appreciate your support <3


Hello! I just finished the demo and I am absolutely speechless. It was wonderful -- the art, the characters, the options, the story. Will the version be free?


Thank you so much for your kind word ! And yes, the game will be fully free  ! 

Ohmygosh, thank you! <3

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The quality of this demo is amazing! The art is exquisite and detailed, the showcasing of politics are present from the start, something which other otome games seems to lack, the flow was natural and perfectly paced. 

I would enjoy the atmosphere a little more if the music reflected the time with some classical music that has a tinge of fantasy in it.

I look forward to the full storyline and the new characters, this game deserves so much love and attention!

Thank you so much for your kinds words, we appreciate your support and hope to not desapoint you, we keep working hard at it <3


I am amazed by this demo! Even though we haven't seen all of the love interests yet, the fact that this game also includes important decision about how we will rule is just so interesting and  something that is missing in some otome games. This project has so much potential and I can't wait for the release of the next episode!

Thank you for this comment, it really warms us <3 We do take a lot of consideration about ruling choices and we hope you will like them in the game ! Also, we are very excited to introduced all the character to you, we hope you will love them all and struggle to choose your LI :p !

Have a lovely day, thank you again for your support it means a lot to us. 


At first, the art caught my eyes, it looks very elegant and unique compares to other games recently so I decided to try the demo out and I'm glad I did.

Everything looks great (the art, the GUI, etc) and the music is very pleasant. I like that we gotta choose the character's background, and the approval system, reminds me of Dragon Age series. The idea of having someone soul in mine is also a plus, it's like having a bestie you know, to gossip and have girls's talks about guys, Lionel is not an option since he's also a LI, sorry mate.  XD There's not much I can say about the story or the heroine since this demo is too short but the writing seems decent to me. I hope she's a smart and funny person, in other words, has personality,  'cause there's nothing more frustrating than playing an MC that's nothing more than a pretty doll.

Overall, I love it so far, looking forward to the extended demo with all the LIs. :) I tried my best to express my opinions in words, hope I didn't fuck up my English too much, it's not my first language. XD


Thank so much for your comment, we are glad you like it (and your english was perfectly understandable) ! We also love Dragon Age, and we were really inspired by it so you should not worry about MC personality, the player is the one deciding if she is serious, if she likes to joke or if she is more like "I don't care". We look forward to release the update of the demo, and the extended version ! 

Have a lovely day, thanks for your support ! <3

i really liked the demo! can't wait for the extended demo with all the love interests. (the only minor issue i had as a woc was that i couldn't relate to the man character but fortunately her appearance (besides the red hair) is not the focus of the game.


Thanks for your interest ! I understand your feeling, we try to have a wide range of skin color during the game but unfortunately a MC personalisation (including skin color), is too much for our small team. Yet we truly hope you can still relate to her in the course of the game, because of her personality based on your choices ! 

it is only a minor issue i had but so far i am definitely eenjoying the game, all the choices seems so intresting ^^

Hi ! We change our mind about that because we truly understand the importance it can have. 

We will now allow a color swap for the MC (only this personalisation and with one shade since it's a lot of work). You can vote for now for the shade :

We hope this will please you ! 

Don't mind me if I'll speak in French but I'm concerned with my English haha.

La démo a beau être courte pour le moment, elle n'en reste pas moins magnifique. Magnifique car oui tout est MA-GNI-FIQUE ! L'histoire, la musique, les graphismes, les choix.

J'ai même pu lire les descriptions de chaque personnages, et je n'ai qu'une seule chose à dire : J'ai vraiment hâte de voir la suite !

Oh merci d'avoir pris le temps de rédiger cet avis, ça nous touche beaucoup ! On espère que vous serez encore plus enchanté avec l'update 1.7 ! Merci en tout cas à toi (et à tous les autres), ce genre de petits messages nous donnent vraiment la motivation de continuer ♥


I generally don't play demos because I tend to get attached and if the project gets drop I get sad, but I may have to give in and play this one because it just sounds so cool and well developed and it has my weakness, a childhood friend LI LOL.  Wishing you all the best in your development process, I'll be keeping an eye on this for sure!


Oh thank you ! I have to admit I have the same thought than you about playing demo, so I am very moved you give it a chance ! And you can rest assure this project will definitely come to life ! 

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Okay this is going to be really long but I'm excited and tend to ramble so sorry in advance.

Okay, came back to report that I caved and played the demo and so far I love everything about it.  The art (sprites/backgrounds/CGs etc...) is lovely, the music is very pleasant and sets the mood, the GUI is attractive and the writing is pretty good, I only noticed a one spelling error I think or and maybe an instance or two where I though the phrasing was a little awkward, but it's rare for me to find a demo where I don't see that so I don't mind it and am really impressed with the quality, especially considering I think this started out in French, right?  I'm always in awe of people who can speak multiple languages, and I'm exceedingly grateful that you decided to translate this because this GENUINELY might be my perfect/dream otome.  Like if I could write and draw and stuff this is exactly the kind of game I would want to make.

I say that not only because of the beautiful craftsmanship and assets that I listed above, but also the demo had, or at least hinted at the full game having, pretty much every single thing I enjoy in the VN/game such as

- fantasy genre in a medieval setting

 - chosen one trope

- courtly intrigue and political/looming war time drama

- an MC with a personality that you can actually shape (and extra awesome, the ability to choose a background/past for her)

- choices (dialogue and action) that sound like they will not only affect how other characters think of you, but also how the main story itself will develop and resolve

- a female LI!  

- no bad endings that exist purely to punish the player for making one wrong choice (it sounds like there's endings where things can go badly, but I don't mind that, I just don't want to be immediately be punished for not following a guide, and for negative outcomes to make sense story wise)

- A CHILDHOOD FRIEND LOVE INTEREST!!!  Especially one that the MC is clearly actually close to, as opposed to one who is 'long lost'/forgotten or acts like they don't care about the MC at all.

So yeah, I adored the demo, and I'm already in love with Lioren and the MCs dynamic.  I can't wait to meet everyone else and see how the story plays out.  I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this game and cheering you on, thank you so much for your hard work and for sharing this!


Oh my... Thanks for this comment, it really warms our heart. You will find indeed everything you said on the game and we hope you will love it as much you liked the demo. On the other hand, we must warn you, Lioren will be the last released path since there is huge plot in it. :p  Anyway, seeing people excited like that, is really helping us to keep going so thanks again to support us. It's precious for us. 

PS : For the misspeling, we are lucky to now have a proofreader, which should help destroy them all for good *evil music*


I'm up for the wait, I always save my favorite for last anyway so that works for me, but now you've really got me intrigued :)
I'll be following along closely and you'll probably get more rambly comments from me in the future lol.  Anyway, have a good day everyone!


I just finished the demo and I'm really interested in seeing the full thing! I'm excited to see how we can shape the storyline. I'm usually really picky about the art but I loved it here. 


We are glad you liked it ! We hope to meet your expectation but we are quite confident about the shaping part ! ♥


I really did and I'm sure the rest will be just as great!

Hi! I'm halfway through the demo and I wanted to say I'm interested in this already... but... there is something bugging me and I really don't know if this is part of the character's personality or just a form of how you wish to tell the story. Let me explain but I tried multiple times switching between French and English just to see the differences and I was kinda confused on certain parts. There is a typo in the french version : "immaginé" somewhere... and sometimes the Chosen One says " pourquoi pas" "fesses" or another character said "ouai" wich I didn't exactly find in the English version where it was more refined? Again I'm sorry if this is part of the character to speak that way... I'm just confused on that matter but for the rest it seems really promising ! Good luck!

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Hello, thanks for this coment. Indeed the english part is more refined than the french one. To be honest we never noticed before you say it, I guess it sounds more natural depending on the language used ? It's a really interesting tho !  To be honest, there is work to do on both language : french to refined a bit more naration, and english to keep more casual people who speak more freely like Adrala. That's the right balance we should aim for ! Thank you to bring this at our attention ^^ We hope you still enjoyed the overall anyway ♥

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I loved the demo! The world sounds very interesting, writing is amazing. The only part I am worried about is that it could be difficult for development team to allow player so many personalisation choices in the full game as we currently see in the prologue, and I personally will be fine with less such choices in future. I believe this project is amazing, I will be waiting for the new demo and the full game)))


Hello ! Thank you for your comment and your concern!  We hope to find the right balance with personality choice ! We want them to have a real impact on the game without changing all the line of dialogue. That's why some of them, are just choice on the moment and somehow it still express the personality because we show who we are on action ! There is also some (as the "how I want to rule" ones) who change the line of dialogues sometime, and ultimately the Title you receive ! 

Will see if we keep our goal, but personalisation is truly a really important thing to us ! Hope you will like it ♥


Lovely demo :D

Thank you very much <3 Still working on improving it a little!  

Is this completed? it looks lovely! I love the art style! mc is so pretty


Hello, thank you for your interest ! For now, there is only the demo (update to come soon on it). We are working on the full game but we will still need more than a year to finish it. It's a gamble but we decide to take our time to give you something really polished, than to rush it ! If you want to know more about deadline, feel free to visit our projection page ! Of course we will also announce update here and in our social media (twitter and tumblr) ! Have a lovely day ♥


it looks and sounds brilliant! I love how we have background choices and can change the political climate,very clever!

Thank you very much, we hope you will enjoy as much the full game ♥

Really great game, can't wait for more! This was so much fun and the story felt very detailed. The concept as well is very interesting and I just want to continue playing. The art style and music in the game created a great atmosphere and I really liked the characters. Overall a very fun and interesting game :D

I don't know if you've heard of Game Development World Championship before (gdwc2019) but it's a competition for indie game developers where they can submit their games and it's free! It's great if you want some more visibility for the game and it only takes a couple of minutes to join :)

(1 edit)

Thank you very much for your kind words we are always so moved to see our game appreciated. 

We didn't hear about GDWC before but it indeed seems interesting, we will maybe contest ^^ (Even if we don't like too much having advertisement in commentary :p)

Have a lovely day ! 


Just tried out the prologue it seems wonderfully promising! The music and title gives it a very professional feel, and I love the details such as the sliding of the main menu or the screen glowing white when the character wakes up! 

I adore the amount of choices there are, it makes it feel very personalized and I was excited to see how my choices will affect the story line. I can't seems to find the option to reread the previous sentence? Sometimes I accidentally click too quickly and miss reading the sentence. It'll be nice to introduce new players to the commands and short cuts they can use through out the game. I also didn't know where the auto reading button was. 

Some things that could use some work is the writing. In some scenes, the character had a very abrupt reaction I didn't expect. I don't know how to pinpoint it, but the writing is a bit... amateurish? (no offenses! just can't find a better word.) The characters seem staged and the flow was a bit awkward. The reactions the MC had waking up is a bit cliched, and I was hoping for more unique reaction and a bit more personality. I think some ways to improve is to balance the flow in between certain scenes and to make the whole "waking up from a coma/long nap" experience a bit more flavorful. (Ok I'm trying really hard to not sound like a complete douche about the writing, I'm so sorry if you took offense! I just see so much potential and hoping for a bit of a more interesting MC. I understand most games want a blank slate so the players can feel more immersive, but I think that sacrifices the personality part sometimes. Also, it might be that it's only the demo and I haven't seem the entire game yet?) 

There seems to be a lot of history and rich world building to explore though, so I'm very excited!

The font made the game very hard to progress. I understand it part of the fantasy flair, but something with a less fancy serif might be nice. 

I think a nice addition (if possible) would be a character/history menu. There's a lot of unique names that are hard to remember at first. If there's any cases where the player needs to remember a particular historical event, it'll also be nice to reference back to the menu in case they forgot! 

Thank you for your hard work. I'm excited to see where this game goes! 


 Hello, first of all, we are really happy you took the time to try it, and you enjoyed it on the overall ! For the « back » option, it’s actually the arrow near menu. Maybe some kind of tutorial would be a great idea indeed, we will keep that in mind ! (However, not sure it will be ready for the 1.7 demo, it requires more work than it seems.) In the other hand, the auto button was purely missing, it will be corrected really soon ^^

About the writting, don’t worry, we don’t take offense at all. We asked for feedback and so we are ready for honest criticism, I – as a writer – actually really appreciate you took the time to do it. It’s the first time I write for a visual novel, it’s not quite the same than regular novel or roleplay I usually do. (Plus, english version is a translation, and even if our traductor make a truly amazing job, it’s always more difficult to transliterate, than to write.) So I am very humble about it, and perfecly aware there is still room for improvment, it’s just I never had someone to explain me concretely : « ok, this is wrong and I will tell you why ». For example, I trust you when you say sometime it feels a bit « amateurish », or the abruptness, but I can’t see what was wrong, so, I would really like if you could take the time to send an email with an example of something « off », I think it could help me to improve ! You can contact us from here : ^^

About the MC, we decide to let the player decide who she will be, so it’s true that she can feels a little « blank » sometimes, because, if we hate flavorless MC, it’s an oxymoron to make a MC with a strong personality and in the same time say « hey, you can choose her personality to your liking ! ». Since we still didn’t want her to be some hoepeless girl, she actually has two traits inherent : she is clever, and she is quite confident. We wanted her to be always strong, no matter the personality you decide to give her. Nonetheless, maybe we fail on the waking up scene to give you enough choices so you can really model her at your liking because we were to focused on exposition ? We will try to work on that (maybe on the 1.7 demo maybe just by being careful for the rest of the game.) But I do think about some choice in the extended version were you can definitely have a bold, mean or a funny MC, I don’t know if you will like her, but, at least, I can promised she will not be flavorless.

About the font, since we consider readability really important for the comfort of the gameplay, we will add an option to change the default font for a easier one (arial), or for OpenDyslexic. It will be release in the demo 1.7.

And finally, about the glossary for name, it’s planned, it will be in the « extra » menu currently in development because there will be a huge library, an interactive map, an interactive Chosen One constellation etc.

Aaaand I think we are done ! Thanks again to give us a chance, we hope to improve on the way, and you will like even more the extended demo to come and the full game !

Have a lovely day,

- Anoldor  team

Love it so far

We are really glad ! We hope you will enjoy the next release as much !

Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you very much for this coment, you don't know how it pleases us, truly. For the auto button, it was an oversight, we will correct that rapidely, thanks to bring it to us ! I hope you will like the whole game as much, we will do our best ♥

Overall I liked the demo.  The setting seemed interesting and I like the personalization options for the MC.  I'm definately interested enough to keep up with the game and am looking forward to an extended demo with all the major characters.

I did have a couple issues with it, the biggest being that the font is kind of hard to read (particularly over the damask background).  I think that, aesthetically, both of them work for the game, but it just got hard to read (and I was only playing for about 20 minutes).  I also didn't really like how the "personality" choices (like picking a favorite value) tied to approval for particular LIs (although depending on the way stats work and how much oppertunity to raise affection with whichever LI you want to pursue it might be irrelevant in the grand scheme of things).  

Hello, thank you for your honest answer ! We heard you about the text, and we will try to add a personalisation to it. (The possibility in the setting to : change the font and the size of the text to your liking). 

For your concern, don't worry. At the end of the two common chapter (where you will also have plenty of choices to do), you will choose who you want to romance. Even if it's not the one you have the most affection with, it's not "automatic". The prologue + common chapter, just gives you a "bonus start" when you enter the real path of the romance ! 

Moreover : 

- There will be choices which only affect romances

- There is no formal link between a trait and a liking, it only depends on the situation. For example, sometime, Alienor will like the "warlord" choice, but sometime she won't. Plus, for important choices, all the characters will often speak their mind on the subject so it's rare to be surprised about who likes/dislikes it once you know them^^ 

Anyway, thank you very much for playing the demo, and for the feedback, we will make sure to release 1.7 demo with improvment from your feedback about text readability !  ♥

Thank you for the clarification about the choices.  Looking forward to the updated demo!

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